Zen & the Arts - Field Notes

Issue 3 • Winter/Spring 2018

With Each Stitch, the World Spews Flames

Table Of Contents

With Each Stitch, the World Spews Flames

John Tarrant

We step from story to story and in each of these little worlds, life has us.

Weaving Together the World

Rachel Boughton

What is the one charm to avert disaster?

Red Doors

True Ryndes

Lava is its own lesson.

Praise Song for the Goddess of Ferocity and Mistakes

Amy Elizabeth Robinson

After Enheduanna, poet and priestess of Inanna.


Steven Chabre

Lineage can be surprising.

grange road santa rosa california

Ariadne Randall

after fire birds know what to do, weaving / sonorous webs

The Words

Amy Elizabeth Robinson

white hot and insufficient / continue to fly

Inextinguishable Fire

Chris Gaffney

A Science Guy report.


Roberta Pyx Sutherland

tend the fire … ignite again

The Relatives

Sacha Kawaichi

Hey! You’re alive!

Fire/Water/Flow: Notes on a Creative Reverie

Corey Hitchcock

Boats, leaves, alembics, amoebas … Comets, lanterns, stars, seeds

To Tower

Leon Trice

…there an opening, no name… The night horizon.

the earth speaks in tail of white cat

Amy Elizabeth Robinson

A poem.

Redwinged Blackbird

Jim Snarski

We too are shaped by the whetstone of his voice.


Timothy Nonn

if it were only one / flower

From Ancestors, Mothers, and Muses: An installation

Piper Leigh

Stitching art and ancestry.


Amy Elizabeth Robinson

A poem.

Dongshan’s Hot Take

Jo Pickard

A poem for the way out.