Zen & the Arts - Field Notes

Jim Snarski

I came to zen relatively late in life but that hasn’t prevented it from profoundly influencing my life through an increased awareness of compassion and equanimity. I grew up in a poor neighborhood on the North side of Chicago. My mother, widowed when I was nine, toiled in a Florsheim shoe factory to provide for me and my sister. From her I Iearned about doing what’s right despite circumstances. In my youth, I learned street smarts by surviving the streets and alleys of my and other neighborhoods.

I felt a calling to aviation and took flying lessons working two jobs to pay for them as I had a family to provide for. From my flight instructor at Sally’s Flying School I learned to be resourceful and to respect the element airplanes live in. I rose from baggage handler for TWA at Chicago’s Midway Airport to Captain – flying Boeing 727s. My aviation career has permitted me to spend two and a half years off the Earth and I’m not done yet.

In harmony with zen, I feed my soul through my Nature photography. Sharing my images with others allows me to show aspects of Nature that many otherwise would never see, and brings me a great deal of joy.

Pieces by Jim Snarski