Zen & the Arts - Field Notes

Issue 4 • Fall Winter 2018

Freely I Watch the Tracks of the Flying Birds

Table Of Contents

Freely I watch the tracks of the flying birds

John Tarrant

When we meditate we rest in a universe that we did not construct…

Birds Disappearing Among Clouds

Allison Atwill

Why am I growing old?


Steven Chabre



Kevin Garner

I felt sad, but not sad. It was as if something hidden had been tapped and now the energy was free.

The Bird Path

David Weinstein

“You go with no self underfoot.”

from Red Rosa

Kate Evans

He brings up the most impossible questions, then hurries to answer them himself.

The Things Women Carry

Lee Perlman Allen

Just to be in that field fully themselves, ourselves…

Pinhole Image – Curved Light

Dave Klinger

We let the light in.

Tracking a Wild Road, or Beautiful Speed Bumps

Corey Hitchcock

I discovered that the road did not ask for or imply movement.

Cap’n Jimmy’s Eye

Jim Snarski Chris Gaffney

“This time I’m the fish, he’s the heron, and you are the person watching.”

Often I Recall

Li Qingzhao

…we too drunk to know the way home

Some Thoughts, While Meditating, for People of the Sky

Amy Elizabeth Robinson

Once / a towhee landed

Out for An Evening Walk

Gina Fiedel

“raw, noisy conversations”

The Returned Gaze

Chris Gaffney

The swift and sharp seam a bird draws with its flight can leave my world rippling….

Encuentro II

Pedro Cruz Pacheco

Lush yet weightless.


Nicola Bennett

After a silence, I turn to look…

Can You Even Teach Meditation?

…what do you do?


Mario Da Cunha

Wingbeats against a wall.


Chris Gaffney

..a single being roiling and tumbling in the sky