Zen & the Arts - Field Notes

Dave Klinger

This moment is the last moment. There’s no other. I sit by an open door and see three fallen hibiscus flowers on the porch. Lisa has the yoga DVD playing quietly in the background as she stretches out and I feel myself straightening up in sync quite unselfconsciously and the breath also comes to the forefront. Who is this guy? What is this? I’m drawn to the hibiscus and see a fresh one coming out right at the tippy top. It’s yellow and I’m feeling lucky.

I like good meals, lots of love, and an occasional bath, too. Otherwise the wheres and the hows seem to pleasantly take care of themselves. 10,000 koans come together here and I find gratefulness and the willingness to accept the invitation invaluable. If there was a model for me this would probably be it…but why try to package it? It’s so cool to be uncertain.

Pieces by Dave Klinger