Zen & the Arts - Field Notes

Uncertainty Club exists in the boundary space between Zen and creative process. This space turns out to be very wide. We think of koans as worlds or environments that we inhabit, and in which we see things differently or act differently from our usual ways.

You don’t have to practice Zen or be a Buddhist to submit to Uncertainty Club. We’re not much into answers when we can find so many good questions just lying around. We like fresh voice and vision, some connection (direct or slant) to our koan, and some appreciation of what we are about.
So help us grow our current issue. Send us your lively, thoughtful, well-crafted creative responses to the koan below.  We want to know how it shows up in your life. Your response may take the form of prose, poetry, visual art, music, sound or video, field notes from Koanville, or something unclassifiable.



Freely I watch the tracks of the flying birds. 



We will either publish your piece on our main page, or we will place it in conversation with an existing piece as a Field Note.  Field Notes can be either fair use, non-original work (e.g. “Oh, this piece brought to mind that haiku by Issa! Here it is.”) or brief, conversational responses to the koan or an existing piece (e.g. “I saw this piece of art and then I went for a walk and the world looked new in this way…”).  Surprise us with unexpected, rich and resonant connections.

We are accepting submissions on this koan – Freely I watch the tracks of the flying birds – until MARCH 15, 2019.  Send it to submissions@uncertainty.club.  But please do it in a recognizable format: RTF (or PDF, if your formatting is de rigeur), and PNG strongly preferred.

Please note: We are committed curators – but entirely volunteer.  Thank you for your understanding – we look forward to seeing your work!


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