Zen & the Arts - Field Notes

Piper Leigh

My feet bare to what comes next
I gather, fold, stitch, attach, layer.  Intrigued by unexpected juxtaposition, I assemble paper and cloth; embed words, images and objects, such as a child’s red glove. The forms continue to evolve from poems… images… books … scrolls … mobiles … projected video … collaborative musical compositions … clothed figures …  experiences and installations.
I seek ways to invite others to step into un-knowing with me.  Koan study, wilderness, and everyday discoveries inspire, break open my notions, and encourage me to “tend a large field” (one of my refuge vows).
My work in the world has also taken the form of educator and consultant. In communities and organizations, I sought to foster innovation, learning and experimentation through creative meetings, workshops and leadership coaching.
Art created as a conversation with the world offers immediacy, joy, and aliveness. I believe creativity, both humble and courageous, can be used to build a culture of connection instead of a culture of separation.

Pieces by Piper Leigh