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Two Women – acrylic on canvas, 2019


To love without shelter,

Do we want that?

My paintings come from nowhere,

they answer some question that I don’t know I am asking. A color calls me and I begin.

Each painting is many paintings.

Often I cover good things. Too late!

Color entrances and moves me on.

At some point I give up. A fury arises.

I lose control and paint.

The second figure appeared behind the first. An odd angle. She stayed.

They stare at me.

I stare back.

I’m uncomfortable.
That must mean it says something true.

It’s an honorable task being human, to do the best we can.

So many people live with terrifying things.
In the in-between we live.

To love without shelter
Do we want that?
I could never figure it out.

Sacha Kawaichi


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