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8. The Rouser Working With the Bright Omens 2:47 from corey hitchcock on Vimeo.

Artist’s note: I made this video when I was cultivating water for its life-giving properties. Below are some words to go along. 

More Water

Water is ancient and intensely alive. I asked water to pull me out of illness and isolation, asked the voices of whales to take over for my own lost voice, to sing me out of harm’s way. Messages of good or ill intent are amplified and moved along by water. And water listened, exchanged, answered and shifted me out of despair. It poured me into inspiration.

Currents drift through human veins, pump and pulse beneath our eyelids when we dream. We excrete water in tears, sweat, urine, thoughts. In a dream I heard: “Underground, all waters touch.” I think water is speaking to me of a connection without separation, and also of regeneration, of shape-shifting from water to ice to steam.

Solutio, the alchemical phase of complete immersion, is a watery gateway along the inner path. My fearful stories limit my responses to any situation. But isn’t water helping me listen on that deepest level to the unpredictability of change as part of life? I am willing to turn toward the frightening excess of water—the tsunamis and rising oceans—and see it as an ally. Then water is a kind of relenting, a surrender of form.

Could water manifest a dream tsunami of awareness to pass over us? What if we change? What if water is just waiting for us to notice that we can?


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