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Revised Table of 48 relational elements resistant to separation. The close proximity of any one to any other produces unique interactions and sometimes volatile results. Proceed with caution. (Table developed in practice with the PUDC–Positive Universal Directional Cone–a cone-shaped meditation tool.)


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Field Notes

New Game, New Rules

“The eruption of radical uncertainty into all fields and the end of the comforting universe of determinacy is not at all a negative fate, so long as uncertainty itself becomes the new rule of the game. So long as we do not seek to correct that uncertainty by injecting new values, new certainties, but have it circulate as the basic rule. It is the same here as with the will: you can resolve the problem of the will only by a (poetic) transference into the play of otherness, without ever claiming to resolve the question its ends and its object. It is on the continuity and reciprocal exchange of the Nothing, of illusion, of absence, of non-value, that the continuity of Something is founded. 

Uncertainty in this sense becomes the very precondition for the divided nature of thought. Just as uncertainty in physics arises in the end from the fact that the object in its turn analyzes the subject, so the uncertainty of thought comes from the fact that I am not alone in thinking the World—but the world, in its turn, thinks me.”

– from Jean Baudrilard, Impossible Exchange

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