Zen & the Arts - Field Notes


Summer Lightning and the Goddess Dreams

Table Of Contents

Goddess Dreaming

John Tarrant

The power of the valley never dies.

The Stone Woman Gives Birth

Rachel Boughton

I have a story to tell, and, like a birth in the middle of the night, there are no words for it.

Warm Pink Sea – Two Dragons

Mario Da Cunha

mapping the valley

Dreaming the Invisible

Joan Sutherland

Can we put down for a moment everything but our own naked grief, feel it all the way to the bottom, and find there what it asks of us?

Song of the Seed

Mario Da Cunha

seeds are moments of invention on the wind

House of Fire

Chris Gaffney

A letter from somewhere near Paradise, 2018.

Cloudy But Bright Inside

John Tarrant

… the starlight, the wind, and the sea pour through us …

Red Thread

Mario Da Cunha

it winds and weaves, I am never unbound

Invisible Ceremonies

Joan Sutherland

Perhaps it is not grief that weakens us, but all we do to avoid it.


Dogo Graham

It always is / and it is never

Asking the Apricot Tree

John Tarrant

at dawn / still awake