Zen & the Arts - Field Notes

Issue 2 Winter – 2017

More Everything: Having

Table Of Contents

Avatamsaka—The Garland of Flowers Which We Are In

John Tarrant

The universe is alive in all its pieces.

Until Further Notice

Sandra Anfang

Until further notice, I will celebrate everything


Trace Farrell

Praying with Christopher Smart

Where Does This Dog End?

Michael Hofmann

“Doggy,” a painting.

The Gossip Project

Amy Elizabeth Robinson

Regarding the art and perils of the human grapevine.

The Way of Way Too Much: An Excerpt from “The Hakawati”

Rabih Alameddine

Once there was and once there was not a devout, God-fearing man who lived his entire life according to stoic principles. He died on his fortieth birthday and woke up floating in nothing.

Not It!

Sacha Kawaichi

On the triumph of not-getting.

How Many is All?

Trace Farrell Chris Gaffney

Let’s begin with everyone.


Corey Hitchcock

Sometimes the remedy for “too much” is…more?

What’s Not a Copy of Myself

Ariadne Randall

every molecular hand / takes another and never ceases / to explain myself


Mayaan Strauss

“Pink Web,” a photograph.


Buffy Cribbs

Which way to turn when beginning and end are both lost?

New Table of Non-Periodic Elements

Corey Hitchcock

A new self order.

Counting to One, I

Chris Gaffney

The infinite writ large in Jorge Luis Borges’ Library of Babel.

Tuning the Lambo

Michael Sierchio John Tarrant

On meditation: an interview.

In Response to C.D. Wright’s “Questionnaire in January”

Samar Abulhassan

Suppose too much strength is not a good thing.

Counting to One, II

Chris Gaffney

Infinity? Closer than you think.

Haeckel’s Dream

Lee Perlman Allen


Radiolarian Love

Corey Hitchcock

Meet Ernst Haeckel.

Keep Sweeping

Michael Sierchio

Instructions for post-enlightenment.

What To Do With It When It Comes

Ariadne Randall

Love in the time of data centers, virtual shopping carts, and Louboutins.