Zen & the Arts - Field Notes

Sacha Meyer Kawaichi

I get recruited to write in the middle of the night. Everything comes alive in the quiet. Images like parking garages and cockroaches vie for my time. I grab the images and write them down before they disappear into the night.

I’ve been a sculptor for twenty years but painting is newer to me. Sometimes a friend and I paint together. We talk, then are quiet, then even dance. If Aretha comes on it is hopeless to stay still. Her dog Lucy joins in with the dancing.

Paint splashes around. I have no clue where I am going then I see what’s arising and needs to be seen. Sometimes it’s strange and sometimes funny. And sometimes painfully illuminating.

PZI came into my life through John Tarrant’s Open Mind Retreats. New things came alive and others moved on. Everything in you is welcome there. The writing and the painting emerged from these retreats. Things changed in my life in a heartening and natural way.


Sacha’s acrylic painting, “The Cockroach of Delusion,” appears in“How Many Is All?” in Issue II: More Everything.

Pieces by Sacha Meyer Kawaichi