Uncertainty Club is currently accepting submissions on the theme of Navigation.

The true traveler has no fixed destination and no set time of arrival.

The situation is that we’re moving in the dark and the road keeps shifting, the weather is changing, we might have come to a  cliff, and we want certainty about our path. But certainty is hard to come by. That’s a fundamental feature of navigation. We find ourselves having to listen as we move, and sometimes it helps not to know where we are going or where we should go. It’s not a plan, it keeps being revealed to us.

Here is a navigation koan to live with for a while:
Take a step off the 100 foot pole and the world in all directions will be your complete body.

Uncertainty Club exists in the boundary space between Zen and creative process. This space turns out to be very wide. We think of koans as worlds or environments that we inhabit and in which we see things differently and act differently from our usual ways. In meditation a koan might follow you around like a good dog. A poem might do that too. We like things that approach reality sideways.

You don’t have to practice Zen or be a Buddhist to submit to Uncertainty Club. We’re not much into answers when we can find so many good questions just lying around. We like fresh voice and vision, some connection (direct or slant) to our theme, and some appreciation of what we are about.

So send us your poetry, prose, visual art, music, questions for The Physics Guy, field notes from Koanville, or something unclassifiable.

But please do it in a recognizable format: RTF (or PDF, if your formatting is de rigeur), and PNG strongly preferred.

Send all submissions via email to submissions@uncertainty.club by April 1, 2017. Be patient, please, and give us a few months to respond. If you have not heard a peep for three months past the submission deadline, feel free to send us a line, and we’ll let you know what we know about what’s going on, or try.

And if you’d like to poke around and find out who has joined in so far, please visit our Contributors page.