Hi friends,

The universe we’re part of is bigger, farther, deeper, stranger, more generous and more surprising than we can fathom. It comes to us in flashes and waves, in a pink apricot blossom, a gunshot, a pang of longing, a child’s handprint stamped on a Hermés bag as though on a cave wall. Even the shadow of more is more.

Young Buddha in his palace found that more everything was unbearable; he fled in quest of less everything but it became more fasting, more losing things, and that became too much.

There’s enough and not enough and too much, repletion and wretched excess, lots and lots (and lots more!), with nothing—not even nothing—ever left out.

Accordingly, the theme of the next issue of Uncertainty Club is More Everything, and we’d love to know what you’ve got. Poetry, prose, visual art, music, questions for The Physics Guy, field notes from Koanville, or something unclassifiable.

Please send all submissions via email to submissions@uncertainty.club by March 31st.

– The Editors