Wanting | Having


This issue of Uncertainty Club is called “More Everything.” Why? We think that multiplicity is fundamental to our times and to our universe. Everything longs to reproduce itself. More wealth in San Francisco, more suns with planets, more invective, more resistant bacteria, more made-up stories about reality, more genders, more different viewpoints and more ways of finding a viewpoint.

Uncertainty is our way of threading a path through the infinite multiplicity of life and data, something in fact to trust. We think racism, sexism, and other popular biases are a confused attempt at certainty and also at a single identity. We also think such attempts are doomed. Which is why taking the path of prejudice makes people so frustrated and angry. In a world busy with telling us what to like, get, think, do, more not-knowing-for-sure feels like one way to be free.

And it turns out “more” is more than just, well, more, more nuanced and paradoxical than we thought. More to have means more to long for, too, and to lose. At some point the difference between wanting more, and having it–between longing and connection, lack and gratitude–thins out, and even loss may unfold hidden riches. In the dark, alone, something is nonetheless present, always already yours. What is it?

In this spirit of abundance and mystery, Uncertainty Club presents a double issue of More Everything. Go in at either gate: Wanting (then Having), or Having (then Wanting). You decide where to start–just remember there’s always more:

Wanting | Having

Doing it Wrong

Doing it wrong is one of those things that indicates that we are alive. We chose this theme for the first issue because, well, we like it; it is at the core of our understanding of Zen, and in any endeavor it’s hard to get going unless you are willing to do it wrong…